Edinburgh Sports Club takes great pride in being "The Home of Scottish Padel". We constructed the first Padel Court in Scotland in 2014.  Like pioneers of Squash in the 1930s, we are at the forefront of Padel in Scotland.  We now have 2 courts of which one is covered for all year round play.

What is Padel?

Best described as Tennis Squash X, it's a great leveller by removing the advantage of the technical overhand service and allowing players to use the surrounding walls enabling players of very different ages and abilities to play together. Tennis players love it, Squash players love it. Padel Players are addicted.

The beauty of Padel is that it almost always played as a doubles game, making it a very sociable game. It’s fun, accessible and competitive. It ticks all the boxes!

Like all our sports we know how important it is for players to meet like minded and similar ability opponents and partners and make very effort to introduce new players to the right people.

We use Whatsapp groups for arranging matches which has proven to be a great way to organise games, meet new people and make new friends.

What Level are you?

LTA Padel have produced a rating system to allow new players to have an idea of their level and what to aspire too, it can be found here

Social Mix ins

We have regular weekly mix ins on a Wednesday morning and Friday morning.


Throughout the year we have regular monthly tournaments which are graded so all can be involved, member or non member.

Interclub Matches

Currently there are not many established clubs in Scotland but it's growing all the time and we arrange regular matches with those that are. Always great fun and never too serious.

LTA Padel Tournaments

We host tournaments for LTA Padel which means we get some of the best players to come and play and show us how it is done.

Juani Mieres

Juani Mieres at ESC , former World Number 1

Our Club Corporate Supporters

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