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What’s on?

A great weekend playing in the British Junior Championships in Sheffield, a great experience and some great results. Well done all.

Boys U13 -

Thomas Myers 17th Debut

Boys U15 -

John Green 9th

Jamie Pearman 23rd

Boys U19 -

Rory Richmond 10th

Kyle Penman 13th

Finlay Halton 33rd

Dylan Pearman 36th

Girls U15 -

Felicia Chan 18th Debut


Bistro Night 11th

Book your table now -


Can Scotland find a kicker!

Join us for lunch before the big match vs New Zealand!


What’s not on ? Tennis court 1 floodlight.

Genuinely thought having sourced the right bulb that we had fixed this one and we had a working light, however it didn’t last and the bulb blew again.

Unfortunately the technology is old and obsolete so it looks like complete replacement with LEDs, obviously not cheap but the running costs are much cheaper in comparison.

And finally out of the dark and into the light, the Padel courts now have independent night lights outside the courts that will allow you to find your stuff

when the lights go off on the timer. No excuse for leaving your water bottle now!

See you soon

JJ and team

PS Well done to all the Octobefesters and hats off to Simon, Julie and all the team for catering the affair, it never fails to be a great weekend!

Reeling from “Neelpwah” in the Karoake on Friday night, Piercy’s p**nstars had to pull something out the bag, they did and it was A Golden Ticket, not a bad effort!

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