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50/50 CLUB

What is the 50:50 Club?


It is essentially a lottery scheme, the only beneficiaries of which will be the Edinburgh Sports Club and the 50:50 shareholders.

Shares cost £5 each per month, and a maximum of five shares may be held.

Payment will be by monthly standing order.

50% of the total funds will be distributed in a monthly draw, 50% less expenses retained. 

All valid shares are entered in every draw, regardless of prize history, so in theory you can win 12 times per year!

Why do we need a 50:50 Club?


To enable the Club to generate and accumulate funds through a systematic and regular income flow to assist the Club in Development projects.

To create an opportunity for many Club members to contribute extra funds to the Club.

To create social and marketing opportunities by publicising the monthly draws and to encourage Club members to use the Club’s website.

Who and what is involved in the management and running of the 50:50 Club?


The 50:50 Club will be licensed for operation by the City of Edinburgh Council, and will be audited annually.

The 50:50 Club will be managed by a Committee which will be answerable to the Board.

How and when can you join?


May 2024


1st Dave Myers

2nd Jane McGill

3rd J & A Snowden

4th Michael Campbell

April 2024


1st Johnnie Webster

2nd Simon White

3rd Graham Lind

4th Terry Smith

March 2024


1st Graham Lind

2nd Terry Smith

3rd William Allenby

4th Anne Kershaw

February Bonus Ball 2024

Eric Hogg    
Caroline Seator    
Mary/Mark Hallam
Anne Kershaw    
Jane Arnold    
Sal Shepherd

February Bonus Ball 2024

George Campbell
Jim McIvor
Lesley Elliot
Roy Harley    
Rod Goodson    
Marco Magnante

February 2024


1st Ian Nicholson

2nd Michael Campbell

3rd Trevor Mitchell

4th David Black

January 2024


1st Alison Kilpatrick

2nd Glyn Cave

3rd Bob Williamson

4th Dave Borthwick

December 2023


1st Terry Smith

2nd J & J Shaw

3rd Bob Williamson

4th Ian Nicholson

November 2023


1st Ken Gillies

2nd Duncan Currie

3rd Chris Whytock

4th Jim Mclaughlan

October 2023


1st Jeremy Snowden

2nd Chris Milne

3rd Steph Shearer

4th S.Eden/S Mcdermott

September 2023


1st Barry Masson

2nd Rachel Richmond

3rd Peter Wilson

4th Alan Mchoul/Jane Herd

August 2023


1st Trevor Mitchell

2nd David Black

3rd Carolyn Seator

4th Chris Whytock

July 2023


1st Michael Campbell

2nd BMLC

3rd BMLC

4th Jim Woodhead

June 2023


1st Roy Cowper

2nd Terry Smith

3rd Andrew Forrest

4th Robert Williamson

May 2023


1st Mike Russell

2nd BMLC

3rd Rachel Richmond

4th Denise Spiers

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