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Whilst many consider Racketball or Squash 57 as they would have us call it, a game for the older generation, there is definitely traction in attracting younger players to the game. It is certainly easier on the body than squash but there is no question that after 40 minutes playing you will definitely have had a great workout!

Internal Leagues

We currently have 8 Racketball leagues so we are sure to find a level that suits your ability.

Racketball players at Edinburgh Sports Club
Racketball Doubles players with new kit


There are regular tournaments throughout the year and we host the End of Season Finale of the Racketball Around Scotland Tour (RASTA).

Doubles Racketball

Unique to Edinburgh Sports Club and due to our Doubles Hardball court there are a number of players that play Doubles Racketball, a version of doubles hardball, great fun, very aerobic and considerably less dangerous than hardball although goggles are advised.

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