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Updated: May 2

a new roof..well very nearly!

Thinking time!! Enter your team here

A Menu fit for the Masterchef Final, come and enjoy the Bistro, book here

Squash teams standings

Div 1- ESC 2 winners, ESC 1- 4th, ESC 3- 5th

Div 2- ESC 4th winners, ESC 6- 3rd ESC 5- 4th

Div 3- ESC 7- 7th

National League- Mens winners, Ladies 2nd

ESC4s Alex Ross, Graham Lind,Barry Masson, Oli Kass, Stu Brown, Charles Adams, Edith Mackenzie

National league winners, Chris Leiper, Kev Moran, John Meehan, Fergus Richards.

Congratulations 50 50 winners and bonus ballers, why don't you join the 50 50 club, click here

Congratulations to GrantGray, winner of the Whitecraigs RASTA. For all things racketball in Scotland follow RASTA fb page

Colin Cruickshank, Grant Gray, Craig Valente-Wallace, RASTA stalwarts.

For Padel tourneys make sure you check out the LTA Padel website for up to the minute Padel news.

5050 garden looking lovely, thanks to Steph, Alan and Alec

Dont miss next Fridays PPP 10th May, postponed from this week, normally first Friday of the month.

Good Luck Scotland Squash Team in the Europeans! Follow them on the BBC!

(ESC players ,Greg Lobban, Rory Stewart, Al Prott, John Meehan, Andrew Glen,Georgia Adderley, Ally Thomson, Kat Ross, Coach Paul Bell Coach , Kylie Lindsay)

Poker on Monday night, 6th May, fun and friendly join up here

Are you in the broadcast only whatsapp group,for up to the minute club news, no chat just news!

Potholes , the road to the club is terrible, it is not our's it is the council's please report the problem here, the more the better! On the subject of the roads, please do not speed in the car park...regardless of how late you are, shouldn't really need spelt out!

See you soon

The Team

PS It's the big fellas birthday today, Happy Birthday Simon.

Ageing well, this was 2016!


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