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What's on?

What's on? Calcutta Cup on the mantlepiece...oh yeah!!

Scottish Junior Squash Nationals

Well done to all the ESC Juniors taking part in the Nationals at the weekend.

Notable results


U13- Thomas Myers

U15- John Green

U19- Kyle Penman

Runners Up

U15 Girls- Felicia Chan

U19 Boys- Rory Richmond

Rugby Lunch Menu

January 50 50 Winners and Annual bonus ball!

Litter, must we??

Calling all tennis players! Tennis teams and doubles box leagues

The East League tennis starts in April, are you a budding Alcaraz or a Sabalenka ? if so we want you for the teams, if you are not a budding Alacaraz or a Sabalenka we want you for the teams! Let us know, email the team.

We are also looking at starting a doubles box league, if you are interested, email the team. if you don't have a partner , we can hopefully find you one.

Tennis court fencing and lights.

The north face fencing of the tennis courts is being replaced in entirety week commencing 13th Feb, courts will not be available during the works, expected to take 3 days.

The lights are due to be replaced with LED fittings in the near future, however we do not have an exact date at this time as we are awaiting a report from The Energy Savings Trust. Unfortunately we have now lost two lights on Court 1 so

Padel court lights and noise levels

Please can you turn off the lights after you have finished or if you see lights on and no one is on court can you please turn the off too.

Please avoid whoopin' an a hollerin' on court , there is no need for it and our neighbours really are not interested in your less than amazing Bandeja!

Injuries getting you down?

This team can help get you back on track(court) and keep you there!

Are you following us?

See you soon

JJ and Team

PS Happy Valley... cant think of a better drama in my lifetime, how it could be so entertaining given it's subject matter, brilliant script delivered by brilliant actors! Get it on catch up.

PPS Serving to the glass is always a good policy, but once in a while down the middle. Keeps your opponents on their toes!

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