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What's on?

New floodlights ON the tennis courts! LED's being fitted w/c 27th March!

Book your table for our Fabulous Easter Sunday Lunch.

Get your name down for the first RASTA event of the year!

Too many MaX Verstappens or Susie Wolffs....Slow Down! 5MPH speed limit

Don't forget Open Mic night , be a player or a's up to you, guaranteed great night!

Have you entered the Quiz? it's easy... to enter, not the quiz!

Noise on the Padel Courts, please keep the noise to an absolute minimum, absolutely no whoopin' an a'hollerin'! Be like Naomi!

See you soon

JJ and Team

PS thoroughly enjoyed Banshees of Inisherrin , quite dark but good! Scenery was uplifting!!

PPS Great racket sports tips number 372 , in pickleball dink dink and dink some more!

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