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What's on?

What’s on… or what’s been on more like…sorry it’s been a while!

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As the tennis season starts the squash season comes to an end.

Some notable mentions over the last couple of months.

ESC wins the squash National League. Paderborn here we come!

National Masters Championships

35s Ross McHoul R-Up Jacques Laas

45s R- Up Blair McKenzie

50s Simon Boughton R-Up Adrian Richmond

55s Paul Jenkins

Home Internationals

35s came 2nd – Ross and Jacques

55s came 2nd – Mike Ramsay, Paul Jenkins, Colin Grant

Other Internationalists Colin Cruikshank Adie Richmond Allan Tasker Barry Masson Colin Grant Jacques Laas Mike Ramsay Paul Jenkins Ross McHoul Simon Boughton Danny Knowles Neil Stone Wigg

Squash Senior Nationals

Doug Kempsell 2nd in National Championship

Ally Thomson Ladies National Champion

Rory Stewart, Doug Kempsell, Fergus Richards, Al Prott all represented Scotland in Euro Teams

Georgia Adderley, Ally Thomson, Katrina Allen all represented Scotland in Euro Teams

Rory Richmond selected to play for Scotland in World Junior Championships.


Colin Cruickshank 0ver 70s Scottish Champion

JJ Tait last hahaha! in the 0ver 50s Scottish Championship


There is no Padel season it is 24/7/352!

Club champs are in full swing, that's a lot of matches!

Recent notable mentions

Mhairi Wrench and Wendy Mckenzie won the Baillie Gifford East of Scotland Padel tournament at Thistle whilst at the other side of the country at WOSP Ashley Mears and Rachel Richmond are runners up in the LTA over 50s Grade2

Marco Magnante's great idea for a Padel Pasta and Pint night has morphed into a Play Pasta and Pint night to incorporate all sports and is proving to be a great success.

The Ladies Padel morning was a great success with 36 players attending led by volunteers Rachel Richmond Mhairi Wrench Desni Mcintosh and Fiona Livingston. Good job Ladies!

New to ESC (well almost, remember BurlESCque!) there is an Open Mic night led by our very own Slam Poet Mike Booth, next one next Sunday! If you have talent come along and join the show!


Starting next week , keep moving with Juliet and Friends start two 4 week blocks of Pilates classes, Wednesday at 9am and Thursday at 9am. Book here.

Summer camps

Get your kids signed up for the camps , they will love it and you'll love the peace!

5050 winners!

See you soon

JJ and Team

PS if you missed Colin from Accounts get it on iplayer. You wont be disappointed.

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