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What's on?

What's on...shades and warm jackets brrrr!

Scotland's biggest Junior Open, courtesy of the ESC 50 50 Club

Juniors enter now!

Sunday Roast, book now

Christmas Lunches, book your table now

Have you got a team for the quiz, enter the team now


Everyone's a winner thanks to the ESC 50 50 Club! It is making an award for the installation of a Sauna in the Ladies Changing room, and at the same time the Men's sauna will be replaced, we will all be toastie this winter. Scheduled for install mid December, ho ho ho!

Guess what Book now!

Keep up to date with what's going on with Pilates classes and Physio at ESC by joining this group

Have you joined the ESC community whatsapp? if not why not... grrr!!! only kidding, but if you do want to keep up to date with what's on at ESC make sure you are in the group

See you soon

JJ and Team

PS. watched an Oscar winning film from 1976 on Prime last night, Network, in this crazy world of social meedjah, it's remarkably prescient (good word!)

PPS if Pumpkin Spiced Lattes were genuinely any good you would get them all year round! Whilst I'm on the subject of pumpkins, when hollowing out your Halloween lantern don't cut the top off, cut the back or the bottom off it will last longer!


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